22nd OCTOBER - 31st DECEMBER 2020
Jane will be showing a series of new abstract and semi-abstract paintings at the Amy Kaslow Gallery this Fall.  The work featured in this exhibition represents a return to the large and free abstract paintings which she produced in 2018 for the Belmond Hotel in London “It was really good to start thinking on a bigger scale and to tap into the energy of working in that way again” Jane says, “Some of the paintings are purely abstract and the others have a feeling of landscape and are more figurative.  I never really know what direction a painting is going to take until it’s finished as during the painting process I often end up making radical changes to the original starting point/intention.  The underlying theme linking all the work is my interest in colour and light – how light works in nature and how by using colour the artist can create light on the canvas”
Josef Hoffman said it most succinctly in his famous quote:
“in nature, light creates the colour.  In the picture, colour creates the light”
“I had been looking for the right gallery to work with in DC on this new series of paintings and was delighted to meet Amy and discover her beautiful gallery.  With Amy’s love of nature and interest in colour it felt like the perfect fit.  The gallery is a strikingly modern space, with huge, high ceilings, white walls and a concrete floor.  It will be very exciting to see the new pictures displayed there, with room to breathe, and on the wall together for the first time.”
Jane moved from London to the DC area in early 2019 and this will be her first solo show in the US.
For more information about the exhibition and how to view the work please visit:
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