Jane Kell has a degree in the History and Theory of Art and started painting in 2010 after a career in public relations in the arts.
Both parents were painters and art was the focus at home.  At eighteen, as a rebellion of sorts, she chose to study art history instead of going to art school.  She subsequently worked for many years in arts publishing and PR.  It wasn't until she found herself working at the National Gallery in London as head of press, that she felt the pull to return to art.  Having spent a life looking at picures, working with galleries, artists and designers she had a clear idea of how she wanted her own work to look.  She bought some oil paints and made a start.  From the beginning it felt natural:  her first pictures were still-life and landscapes influenced by British painters like William Nicholson, Euan Uglow and Mary Fedden, where colour and light were the focus,
She soon built up a following and was able to work full-time as a painter,  selling her work through Open House festivals and then internationally through the burgeoning online art market. Today she sells her work to collectors all over the world and exhibits extensively.  Since 2014 she has taught an adult oil painting class in west London and she enjoys the contact with students and the insights that teaching provides. In 2017 she was awarded a place on an international residency in France where she had the opportunity to work 'en plein air' for the first time.  It was an exciting experience working outside and connecting with the landscape in an immersive way.  Since this trip she has returned to France many times to work in the landscape and further develop her plein air skills.
After a decade of painting and teaching art she has gained in confidence and technical skill.  She still enjoys painting still-life and landscapes but tends now to work on a larger scale and abstractly.   Her  interest in colour and light remain but now her focus is on how these elements work in a more abstract context.​​​​​​​
In Spring 2019 Jane moved from London to Washington DC, setting up a new home and studio from which she continues to paint full-time.  In January 2020 she became a member of the Studio Gallery DC, established in 1956, it is the oldest artist owned non profit gallery in the city.

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