Jane Kell is a colourist who pushes the boundary with colour and form to achieve a semi-abstract quality in her work.  From the start she painted landscapes and still-life but recently she has chosen to use colour in a more expressive way and these paintings are larger scale and abstract. She paints both figuratively and abstractly and enjoys how the two practices support each other.
Jane uses oils and works ‘alla prima’ painting directly onto the canvas with no preliminary drawing. She works initially with thinned down paints to map out the space, and then applies thicker impasto layers of paint to build up the picture.  Sometimes using rags soaked with turps to wipe off sections of paint and create movement and meaning on the canvas.  She enjoys the tactile, physical quality of the paint and spontaneity of this method.
Sometimes a painting might be finished in one session, other times it might go through many stages and rethinks over several days.  Her aim is to reduce the painting to essential elements.  Often choosing to leave a section of the canvas unfinished or removing details that seemed significant at the beginning.  These decisions are instinctive and spontaneous and can result in paintings changing dramatically during the process. She enjoys the push and pull of this method and not knowing how a painting will look on completion.
The effect of light on water and the colours in nature  are recurring themes in her work.  Since 2017 she has worked on a series of 'Pool' paintings and she enjoys the colors and abstract shapes which they present allowing her to combine key figurative elements into work with a strong abstract sensibility

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