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Jane Kell is a colourist working within the tradition of realism but pushes the boundary with colour and form to achieve a semi-abstract, atmospheric quality.   Her chief subjects are landscape and still-life and recently she is using colour in a more abstract way, these new paintings tend to be on a larger scale.


Jane paints with oils ‘alla prima’ painting directly onto the canvas with no preliminary drawing. She uses Michael Harding Artist Oil colours which are handmade paints made with natural pigments and works initially with thinned down paints to map out the space, and then applies thicker impasto layers of paint to build up the painting.  She enjoys the tactile, physical quality of the paint and spontaneity of this method.


She paints full-time in her home studio in Teddington, often inspired by the sights and sounds of the surrounding landscape.  The effect of light on water and the colours of the evening sky are recurring themes in her work.


In 2017 she took part in an artist residency in Brittany which gave her the opportunity to work 'en plein air' for the first time, this experience has given her landscapes a looser more immediate feel.  Working outside and connecting with the landscape in an immersive, direct way is something that has provided a new direction.